Black Isle Castle Craig Foundation
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Castle Craig

  Creating a Landmark
          for Future Generations...

CASTLE CRAIG is a 16th-Century fortified tower, perched on a rocky outcrop of the Black Isle, on the shores of the Cromarty Firth. The Castle Craig is both a "Scheduled Monument" and an "A-Listed Building" by The Highland Council. Naturally protected on three sides by steep drops to the shore, the tower would have originally been fortified on its landward side by battlements and round towers. The four-story tower contains gun-loops, fashionable at the time it was built. The tower has vaulted floors which still survive and there are the remains of a large fireplace on the ground floor. A wing once extending to the northwest, has fallen to ruin.

The Charity seeks to preserve and restore this historically significant edifice for the benefit of Scotland's Black Isle community and Clan Urquhart history. You can become a "Guardian Member" of this Charity and be a part of the effort to preserve Castle Craig and Urquhart's Highland history for future generations of Scots around the world.

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